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Martin and Michael completed a two bathroom renovation/makeover  for us  in December 2017. In our eyes it was an exceptionally good result for a number of reasons.

  1. Martin was very respectful of the scope of our initial brief. We wanted to turn a laundry into a bathroom but keep the old cottage feel. We also wanted to adapt the main bathroom with a walk in shower and new toilet but preserve the bulk of the recent renovations.  There was no attempt to persuade us to “start from scratch” which frankly, is often the message from other builders.

  2. The initial discussion and quote process was thorough, detailed and very constructive.  It was always made clear that if wanted to make changes we could – as long as we did it before the final build ! Any variations would be costed at the actual changes in build costs.

  3. We were able to take on some the tasks and reduce our overall cost. I took on the painting and was able to save over $1000.

  4. Communication was excellent. They came when they said they would. There were some small inevitable delays but these were also negotiated with grace.

  5. Their work was high quality and thoughtful.  They offered clever, constructive ideas which improved the final outcome and generally saved money. In our case Martin suggested we add an extra glass panel to our open shower bathroom to provide protection for our hydronic heating unit. Necessary, simple, cost effective and well executed .  He also suggested that we reuse one of our doors into the new bathroom rather install a sliding door as we had initially wanted. This meant we could save the blinds, have a bigger doorway and remove the cost of buying a sliding door kit.

  6. They were clever in their building solutions. Working with older houses always throws up problems that need to be sorted .  I thought they did a particularly good job in this regard.

  7. The plumbers, electricians and other subbies were excellent tradesmen. Everyone was clear that they wanted to do the job once and properly.  No returns please !

  8. We were always welcome to watch. Personally I think it’s a bit overbearing to watch all the workings of tradesmen but Michael and Martin were always welcoming.

  9. The final carpentry detail work was high quality.  Excellent joinery, minimal gaps, great look.  But nonetheless done smartly.

  10. The final cost was within budget.  Martin had originally noted some thousands of dollars of provisional items most of which we supplied. There were variations and additions to the original plans but we believed these were fairly costed.

Overall an excellent renovation at a very fair price.  In our opinion Maker Constructions  deserve good clients and good clients deserve them. We have already recommended them to a friend undertaking a bathroom makeover.

Jo & Trish - Ballarat

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