About Us

Who Are We?

Maker Construction is a family owned and operated company.  Based in Ballarat, Victoria, and was founded in 2015.

Michael is the registered builder and specialises in:

Michael's interest in Carpentry began when he was a young boy. He watched his Opa (grandfather) renovate and build homes. Michael turned and interest into a passion, and guided that passion through his apprenticeship. The building industry has always been Michael's career goal, and he in now seeing it become a reality.  

Martin is Michael's father, and is employed to asssist with the development and day to day requirements of the business.

While Martin prefers to sit in the office looking busy, his real job is assisting Michael to create your dream outcome.  Between Martin and Michael, there is a combined experience of over 30 years in construction and renovation.


And Who Do We Work For?

In short - You.

But, we also do and have done work for:


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